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Google Map WebPart from SharePoint List. Simple and Clean. Enjoy it..... Don't forget to rate this.

I am looking for a developer who can help me in implementing more functionality with this Google map Web part. Join me.[

Installation Steps

  • Create your Sharepoint Custom List with following Fields ("Google Map List") - Title of the list
    • Title(Single Line Text)
    • Latitude(Single Line Text)
    • Longitude(Single Line Text)
    • Description(You can have rich Text Box)
    • IsCenter(Make Map Center Based Your Selection - case sensitive Fields Name)
  • Install WSP into WSS 3 or SharePoint 2007 Or Later version.
  • Create Your google map key to your domain.
  • Attach Google Map Webpart into your page.
  • Configure your Field Names in Google Map Webpart Configuration.

Full Documdation Will be Released on Comming 29 Jan 2010.

if you found any issue, Please report

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